Imagine you step into your balcony and find out that your neighbour’s house is on fire. Such a situation would terrify anyone, especially if they are living in an apartment complex. A viral video has emerged where we see a fire erupting on the balcony of an apartment in a high-rise. What makes the incident even more terrifying is the fact that no residents were present in the apartment when the fire had erupted. So, there was nobody to douse the flames. However, alert neighbours brought the fire in the apartment under control.
The video in the YouTube channel ViralHog shows the residents from neighbouring balconies throwing buckets of water to douse the flames in the empty flat. Finally, they were successful in doing so.

The incident occurred on July 7, 2020, in Saint Petersburg, Russia, although the clip surfaced on social media only recently. The caption read, “A fire broke out on one of the balconies, apparently the residents were not at home. The source of the ignition was extinguished by the neighbours before the arrival of the fire engine. This is what mutual aid means.”

On YouTube, the video has received more than 3.56 lakh views, with over 180 people praising the efforts of those who doused the fire.

One user wrote, “They have some really great neighbours. Well done. It could have been a lot worse.”

Another commented, “When you live in an apartment complex the fire is everyone’s fire.”

“Yes, they were saving their own apartments. However, it still is amazing what they achieved!” wrote a third user.

One of the users gave a shout out to the “bucket brigade” and wrote, “All hail the bucket brigade for saving themselves as well as the lives of the whole building.”

A fifth user wondered how the fire started and said, “That neighbour is lucky there were others around to put the fire out.”

Another user said the fire could have started when “someone must have flicked a cigarette onto another balcony”.

Fire accidents are among the most terrifying incidents one can come across. When coupled with road accidents, these take a drastic turn. An old couple in California was once stuck inside a car on fire. However, their lives were saved, thanks to two helpful bystanders who pulled them out of the burning car. Later, the fire was extinguished by firemen.

In another fire accident in an apartment in China, two children were stuck inside a building on fire. They were rescued by six civilians before the firemen arrived at the spot. The six men formed a human ladder to rescue and bring the children to safe grounds.