Windows 11 was launched last month for all users. The latest version of Windows was rolled out to users rather seamlessly apart from maybe a couple of snags here and there (like AMD saying Windows 11 is slowing down its chips). Now, there are reports of features like Snipping Tool, touch keyboard, voice typing, and emoji panel not being available for some users due to an expired certificate.

The issue has been acknowledged by Microsoft and the company said in a support document that it has patched the issue to some extent by releasing an optional update. It is not known as to how many users have been affected by this. Microsoft said that starting this month, some Windows 11 users were not able to use preloaded Windows applications and features as a digital certificate expired on October 31. These features include Snipping Tool, accounts page and langing page in the Settings app, the Start menu in the S mode, touch keypad, voice typing, emoji panel, Input Method Editor user interface, Getting started, and Tips.

To partially fix the issue, Microsoft has released an optional patch KB5006746. This patch fixes the cerfitication problem with features including touch keyboard, voice typing, emoji panels, and IMEUI. However, the patch does not bring back Snipping Tool and some elements in S Mode.

In the meantime, Microsoft has recommended users to use the traditional screenshot capturing process where users need to press the Print Screen key on the keyboard and paste the screenshot in a document. Microsoft has said that it is bringing a fix to this soon.