• This book is designed to encourage a total money makeover and fresh start towards financial freedom.
  • Our Girls and Finance budget book planner is a home finance and bill organizer resource tool.


We hope you will use this book to create good practices for yourself, your family and the next generation.

  • Easy To Use – We understand how important it is to keep your financial information simple and well organized. Our budgeting planner keeps personal finance easy relevant fun and makes life functional.
  • Convenience On-the-Go – Just imagine having both a budget planner and monthly bill organizer planner with you, when on the go. Enjoy convenience because this budgeting book is not too big to carry around when needed.
  • Family Friendly – This lovely household budget planner is an ideal resource to get the family involved. We created it with girls in mind as a way to help raise financially aware kids.
  • Multi Purpose Function – Our layout design serves well as a monthly budget planner, money organizer for cash, debt repayment planner, expense tracker and bills organizer. We like to call it our “putting things in order” goal setting planner.